REATISS  Unlock patent value


REATISS LLC is a Reverse Engineering technical services provider with core specialty in IC Reverse Engineering and IP Infringement Analysis.

Company Background and History

1960-80’s – Competitive Technical Intelligence and related Patent Search activity in Ukraine

1996 – Motorola commences RE project in Ukraine

  • Start of commercial scientific Reverse Engineering

2000 – Information Software Systems (ISS) LLC founded in Kyiv, Ukraine as a business vehicle for RE services and other Motorola projects

2001 – ISS becomes Motorola official vendor of RE services

2008 –ISS becomes a primary vendor of RE services for Freescale Semiconductor

  • Outfitted with modern equipment, advanced capability to increase bandwidth

2014 – ISS expands its RE technical capability through acquisition of Freescale Semiconductor Ukraine Lab’s state-of-the-art equipment

2015 – All ISS RE resources re-branded as REATISS, a member of ISS group

REATISS is a team of 70 engineers and scientists having expertise in various fields:

  • IC Construction
  • Circuit Design
  • Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
  • Semiconductor Materials
  • Digital Optic Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Equipment Engineering
  • Business Intelligence
  • Patent Portfolios Analysis
  • Patent Litigation Monitoring
  • Bipolar, CMOS, FinFET, Tri-Gate
  • Memory devices (DRAM, SRAM, Flash, EEPROM. Etc.)
  • MCUs, SoCs, ARM processors
  • Image capture devices (CMOS, CCD)
  • MEMS Devices (Gyroscopes, Accelerometers)
  • Wireless Transceivers (WiFi, Bluetooth, FM, LTE, GPS, etc.)
  • Consumer Electronic Devices (Smartphone, Tablet, Digital Camera, HDD, SSD, TV, Game system, etc.)